Greater Convenience!

About 3For3

At Valley Central Vacuum, our goal is to help you understand the 3 components of a Central Vacuum System and fully appreciate the 3 Major Advantages that go along with them. 

Since 2009, we have been providing information and service to allow our customers the comfort to choose a central vacuum for their home cleaning needs.

There are several other details we’re happy to discuss with you, but our 3 FOR 3 truly amounts to this when comparing our Central Vacuum Systems to ANY portable vacuum on the market.

​Greater Convenience!

Power Team
The 'Q' or Precision power-brush and lightweight hose
Attachments to clean every surface and fabric from FLOOR to CEILING!

Greater Power!

Power Unit
Suction 5-10 times that of portable vacuums
Mounted in your garage or basement
Quietest central vacuum on the market
Greater Health!

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Greater Health in Your Home!

Piping System
100% of what is vacuumed is removed from the living area!
No re-circulation of air back into the room - No "blowback"
Greater Power!
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