Greater Convenience!


The 3 Major Advantages of a Central Vacuum System from Valley Central Vacuum are these:

Greater Power: With anywhere from 5 to 10 times the power of a given portable vacuum, our Central Vacuum Systems allows for removing more dirt from your carpets, bare floors and other spaces. Greater suction and airflow are the basis for far greater performance!

Greater Convenience: Because you are NOT limited to carpeted areas like most vacuums, the ease of cleaning other areas (including above the floor!) are swift and easy. Our lightweight 30ft hose easily reaches every corner of your home!

Greater Health: 100% Removal! (Not 95% or even 99.9% like portables) ONE HUNDRED percent of what you touch with a Central Vacuum is REMOVED from the living area. In other words, absolutely NO microscopic dust is recirculated back into the room while you’re vacuuming. Because portable vacuums MUST exhaust right in the room with you, NO portable vac can make this claim.

And Don’t Forget the VACPAN!!

This ‘sweep-in’ inlet is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or mudroom; wherever messes seem to suddenly appear! It’s the ultimate convenience when a quick sweep of the broom is all you need!

Advantages of Having VALLEY CENTRAL VACUUM provide your central vacuum system:

Dave Ruzicka has been involved in manufacturing, designing, marketing and sales of central vacuums for over 25 years. In that time, he has served
Beam Central Vacuum manufacturing as their National Installation Training Mentor as well as having been part of their Product Development team.
Dave knows what components it takes to bring together a superior central vacuum system for your home. He also possesses the knowledge and
techniques required for proper installation, whether in new construction or an existing home. This makes Valley Central Vacuum your best, most
reliable source for providing the equipment and installation you would expect from a premium central vacuum system.

Greater Power!
Greater Health!

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